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Creative Computer Services is proud to be celebrating nearly 30 years in business! As we all watch technology change dramatically from year to year and our economy fluctuate, we are taking steps to be sure we celebrate many more years of success. We want to continue to be the place you turn for leadership and assistance for your organization. Whether you need guidance on databases, web sites, social networks, membership systems or other consulting assistance, we want to provide you with solid solutions that fit your budget. This is the first in a series of articles (products, services, policies) to help keep you informed of what we are doing here at Creative Computer Services.

Product Highlights

iMIS: We are proud to be recognized by Advanced Solutions International, makers of iMIS, with their 2008 Chairmans Circle Award and are excited with the new features available to our iMIS Customers. If you are an iMIS user and havent seen the new version we encourage you to contact us. There are many new features in iMIS 15.1 and especially the Web Content Manager. We are ready to assist with upgrades to iMIS 15.1, discuss new modules and features, or assist with the integration of iMIS to your web site.

Aloha: We continue to provide Aloha, our MS Access based membership system. It keeps pace with the MS Office suite and provides our budget minded organizations long term stability and productivity. Aloha gives you the tools you need at the budget you can afford, yet is flexible enough to be used for your most complex needs. We have recently enhanced our Accounting processes to include refunds and credit memos. Contact us for a demo of the latest version.

Tradewinds, our data-to-web integration products, are still an amazing suite of tools. Created to meet the demands of the market in 1994, re-born in 1999 to meet the needs of failing Y2K software downturns, it continues to provide unmatched integration between your data and your web site. It is a point of satisfaction to us 10 years later, that many customers continue to use Tradewinds even after changing their back office software. Tradewinds interfaces with most data sets. It publishes and manages your users experience on the web site from online Event registration, Membership renewal and sign-up retrieval, Directories, Profile Updates, Store, plus Security tools for managing secured sections of the website and Broadcast emailing. Call us to find out what Tradewinds can do for you. Alert: Payflow updates are needed by September 1, 2009 - if you are currently using Tradewinds, please contact us to schedule an upgrade right away to be sure your systems are ready for these changes at Payflow.

Introducing Our Newest Product OHANA. Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.1 That is exactly the philosophy that drove us to develop this new set of products. Very simple, easy to use and inexpensive, Ohana is intended to extend your family. Whether it is a small staff or volunteer organization, a chapter, an online community for your organization, or your family web siteOhana gives you power at an affordable price. Here are a few highlights:

  • Ohana Sites: an amazing and simple web editor that brings web sites to life. It makes editing a site as easy as using a word processor. In use by clubs, restaurants, teams, churches and chapter groups, Ohana makes it easy to have a web site you can keep current.
  • Ohana AMS: combines the web editor with simple management functions to allow chapters, volunteer groups and similar organizations with online tools to run their organization. Membership dues, reports and security, events, store and content are all part of Ohana AMS!
  • Ohana Private Networking: We all know social networking is the latest craze but how do you keep the value of your membership and improve your members online experience? Ohana Private (Social) Networking is the answer. Ohana PN provides you with a robust social network open to your members and invited guests, providing them with the tools to network together to share information, manage committee and task force work, and find others in your organization with similar interests. We will have ongoing web seminars to showcase this new tool in our product line.

Combinations To Meet Your Needs!

We can even create a combination of these products to fit your needs. Tradewinds can work with a variety of databases, including Ohana. Customers can combine iMIS for their back office, Tradewinds for some web needs, and add Ohana for divisions, workgroups or private networking...all tied together to avoid multiple databases and points of entry.

As you can see, we have a variety of products to meet the needs of your organization. Regardless of which product you use- we can help keep you current and productive with your software. At Creative, we want to make running your organization easier- so you have time for whats important in life.

Stay tuned for information about new pricing and policies, and innovative services to help keep you operating smoothly. Honesty, Integrity and Dedication our tagline thru the years still applies. We will continue to work on new ways to provide you affordable service in changing technical and economic times.

Whether you are a long term customer or looking for a new solution - We look forward to working with you on a solution to meet your needs and budget. Contact us at for more information, to set up a demonstration, or to get pricing.

On behalf of all of us at Team CCS-


Jaculin Thompson Beigel, CEO
Creative Computer Services, Inc.

1Disneys Lilo and Stitch - 2000